My 2016 Review!


As the year draws to a close, it is time to review my year of the things I had done and the progress I've made. there's been ups and down in 2016 for the world and myself as well. (This posts took longer than it took due to some problems of my laptop, great start to 2017!! :') )

After celebrating 2016 New Year with my friends and family back home in Macau, I went back to Lyon in France to finish my study in year abroad. Before I went to Lyon in September 2015 I thought that this was going to be a great adventure, meeting and trying new things. Just before I landed in Lyon, I started to cry as I contemplate that this is going to be a big mistake and the new environment and surrounding would horrify me. I just want to go home or back to Nottingham to be with my friends and family, but I said no because it's been something I wanted to do for a long time and I'm not going to back out.

                           (Annecy, France)                                                (Nice, France)
Going back to Lyon for the new year I want to start fresh, I continue with my work in the college, it was difficult to communicate with my peers due to the language barriers, but I worked hard and make sure I contribute as much as possible. I made new friends, some international and some local ones (shoutout to Aleksandra, Jochen, Arisa, Lucy and Alexandre etc...) Some say that living alone is amazing with the freedom that comes with you have but I found that very boring. After living 10 months in an ensuite room that looks like a prison cell by myself, I'm happy to say that I prefer sharing a house with a couple of friends even though I'm more of an introvert person, I just prefer a more lively atmosphere. I manage to spend some time with my friends to travel around France: Nice, Marseille, Paris, Avignon and Aix-en-Provence and created some fantastic memories. The South of France is a beautiful place and it's it definitely worth travelling to.

                           (Marseille, France)

I managed to achieve one of my goal this year by going to see a Grand Slam tournament. The Roland Garros was amazing with the beautiful red clay, (I always thought that I would go see Wimbledon first) I managed to get a glimpse of the Williams sisters, Martina Hingis, Fernando Verdasco and so much more... It was an experience that will always stays in my heart.

                           (Roland Garros, Paris, France)

The highlight of 2016 would probably be my 4 weeks nutrition internship in Fiji following by a week travelling in Brisbane and Sydney, since I had some friends that live there. It was the first time for me to travel to the Southern Hemisphere of the world and I've been dying to go to Australia. The internship was an eye opening experience, My job was to go around schools and village and give them talk on healthy eating and lifestyle and I feel like I've managed to change their opinion and educate their why it is important to be healthy in their daily lifestyle. This trip made me feel privilege of what I have in my life and that there are family and friends that love and support me, this motivates me to persuade a career in health so that I can help and motivate other people in life.

                           (Mana Island, Fiji)                                              (Denarau, Fiji)
During the fall of 2016, I return to the University of Nottingham to continue my studies, this year it is relatively important for me as it is my final year. It was a bit sad that see that lot of my friends has already graduated so it kind of felt a little bit lonely and it made me realize that everyone has grown up now and they are doing masters or finding a job and I should really enjoy the rest of the time that I have in university. I've became the president of badminton society which was really exciting, working with a group of people and managing the finance of the society and planning tournament and social events for our members. Finally, I have also join blog society in Nottingham an I met a bunch of cool people and finally started a blog and hopefully I can continue on working on my blog and hopefully expanding it to other social medias like Instagram and Youtube! Wish me luck and hope everyone have an amazing 2017! :D

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