Bone Daddies Shackfuyu - London


I just got back to London after being back home in Macau for such a lengthy period of time visiting my friends and family. To avoid staying at home by myself during the weekend, I messaged my friend to go to a Hip Hop and Jazz Funk dance class for 2 hours in Pineapple Studios. My friend and I, we are both dance enthusiast and we both enjoyed the classes, but it was quite a sweaty workout, well at least for me.

After the workout we were both quite starved, so we decided to fill our stomach with some grub. I was pleased to have the honour to choose our dinner that night. It was between “Bone Daddies” and “Xu London”. “Bone Daddies” serves Japanese food but with a western twist and Xu London is a Chinese Dim-Sumesque restaurant.

I got attracted by the name of Bone Daddies, and in my head, I was imaging this must be a character from some horror movie probably also holding a chainsaw. I had an idea it was going to be kind of a barbeque restaurant, but I was completely wrong.

It was Friday night and 8 in the evening, the place was full but we were lucky to get 2 seats by the bar table. This Japanese pop up restaurant had a classy atmosphere. The lights were slightly dim and there were plenty of white collars there having some drinks and food with their colleagues.

What we ordered:
·         Korean fried wings                                           -£6
·         Sukiyaki style wagyu picanha                          -£18
·         Grilled duckbreast                                            -£14.2
= 38.2 in total

First came was the wagyu picanha, it was hot and sizzling. It came in a stone pot and the beef was sizzling like it was in a jacuzzi. The waiter kindly pours over a ponzu sauce over the stone pot to give the beef a more tangy taste. It also came with a dipping sauce from egg yolk. The wagyu was really soft, and it goes really nicely with the ponzu sauce, and it was a really interesting combination with the dipping sauce as well.

Next up was the Korean fried wings, there were 3 wings to share between me and my friend. I was trying to be classy and eat the wings with a knife and fork instead of my hands, but it was totally fine to use your hands as wet wipes were given. The wings were really tasty and it was the cheapest thing we order, although I did find the sauce a little bit too salty.

After a long wait, the today’s special finally came. The grilled duck breast was served with plenty of spring onions by the side. My friend and I agreed the duck breast was a little bit disappointing. The duck was rubbery, and it was hard to masticate. It felt like a work out for your mouth which we didn’t need after our long dance workout. Although it was chewy, but it had a nice grilled flavour, a bit of charcoal flavour.

Overall, I really like the atmosphere of the place, it feels like a great place to hang out for some drinks and snacks with your friends after a long day. The food was okay, it was let down a little bit by the duck breast. Although the portion size weren’t big but we were both quite surprise that we felt rather full afterwards.

Ratings: 6/10

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